Welcome to the Team

We are delighted to be joined by 6 new drivers this year, to help us deliver on our increased summer timetable.

Our Team

All our drivers receive a full weeks training, covering everything from our reservation system and how we use QR codes to record the drivers walk-around check to how we load luggage and where the pickup stops are.

Did you know our drivers complete over 100 checks before they depart to the airport? Check out our safety compliance video.

With services departing and arriving 24 hours a day, our drivers need to be able work independently and know our processes and procedures. Loading passengers on a sunny afternoon with the office open is very different from loading passengers at 2230, when it’s dark and rainy and flights have been delayed, and our drivers need to be able to handle all situations. Airporter Directors Niall and Jennifer McKeever take turns leading the training, with Jennifer leading on Customer Service and Niall leading on the technical training.

Airporter is made of a great team of people, people who work hard and support each other so we recruit people who are not just professional drivers but who can demonstrate that they enjoy serving customers, and that show a positive attitude. We always say we are a recipe, made up of ingredients which all bring a different flavour and improve the taste of the final dish!

Welcome to the Airporter Team

We are so pleased to be joined by Damien, Gary, Thomas, Adrian, Joe and Niall (not that Niall!) and we hope you as our customers will get a chance to travel with them soon!

Derry~Londonderry to/from the Belfast Airports