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Visiting Derry~Londonderry

Welcome to Derry/Londonderry – the city so nice they named it twice! Derry is truly a city of history, and the stories of its past are an indelible part of the place today. History has dip dyed the city, coating it in triumph and tragedy,

Face Masks

Like many other businesses, Airporter is getting ready to restart our services. Like many of you, normal life came screeching to an emergency stop in March and we suspended services, as flights were grounded, and air travel across the world came to a near complete shutdown.

Sustainable Travel

Sustainable Travel

Sustainability has become a hugely influential factor in our consumer behaviour. We are all keen to make choices that are kinder to the environment and less wasteful. While we are getting better at bringing reusable bags for our weekly shop, and by bringing our own

Best travel apps

8 of the best travel apps

Growing expectations for a seamless travel experience can make planning a trip stressful. Luckily, smartphones are the perfect tool for the digital savvy jet-setter. Helpful travel apps are invaluable both pre-travel for making bookings and during your stay to overcome language barriers and sourcing nearby