Super commuters: 6 hacks for staying productive while you travel

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Super commuters: 6 hacks for staying productive while you travel

If you’re a seasoned commuter, you’ll know the struggles of catching buses, trains and flights on a regular basis. Yes, you have a lot of time to yourself, but the travel environment is hectic. It can be difficult to concentrate amidst the madness and time can feel wasted.

Being productive during your commute is all about finding ways to create personal space and get into the zone that allows you to get things done. On a noisy bus full of chatter? Put in your headphones and listen to a podcast. Stuck in the airport due to a delayed flight? Find a quiet corner with a plug outlet and get working on your laptop.

Here’s some hacks to ensure you maximise productivity while you travel:


1. Map out your time

The first step is to figure out exactly how much time per week you spend on the move. For example, you might spend 4 hours per week on the bus to and from the airport, and 2 hours in flight. You might find that the short plane journey offers the perfect opportunity to unwind but the bus commute gives you just enough time to clear your email inbox and read those industry articles you’d been meaning to catch up on. Our favourite travel apps will also help you to be more productive.


2. Pack the right tools

Preparation is key. Your smartphone will suffice for casual social media scrolling and catching up on the news, but when it comes to work tasks, you’ll need your tablet or laptop. If you’ve got a lengthy report or review you’ve got to analyse, it might be worth having a printed copy, in the disastrous event of a laptop crash.

P.s Don’t forget chargers!


3. Sort your emails

There’s no better feeling than arriving at work with a clean email inbox. Use your travel time to reply to urgent messages, flag queries that need addressed later and delete the unnecessary junk. Not only will you feel organised, you’ll save at least half an hour when you get to your office!


4. Create a to-do list

Your daily/weekly commute is the prime opportunity to schedule important tasks. Use your time to think about what you need to accomplish that week and rank each item in order of importance. That way, you can prioritise and set attainable goals. See our list of things to consider before you travel


5. Listen to a podcast

Travel time doesn’t always have to spent in front of a screen to be productive. Yes, listening to podcasts is a great way to kill time, but you’ll also boost your knowledge on a topic you’re interested in. Better still, you don’t have to depend on WIFI or internet data to listen; download and sync the podcast when you have a strong internet connection and listen later.


6. Know when you need a rest

Most importantly, know when you need to take a break and zone out. Pushing yourself to be productive when you’re exhausted won’t solve anything. Rest and take a nap for a while before tackling any tasks that require brain stimulation.


Corporate travel doesn’t have to be lost time. Instead, look at your commute as an opportunity to prepare for a busy week or unwind from a stressful one. The key is identifying what works for you and how each stage of your commute allows you to maximise productivity in various ways.