The money saving travel tips you need to know

money saving travel tips

The money saving travel tips you need to know

From booking flights and accommodation to dining out every day, holidays can put a serious dent in your wallet. Luckily, there’s ways to enjoy your holiday and keep your budget intact. Why pay more than you need to? Let’s look at how you can cut your travel costs this summer…


Travel off peak

Booking travel in low season is a prime way to save some cash. Jetting off just as the school summer holidays begin will not only be more expensive, most popular regions will be pretty crowded too. If you can, it’s worth travelling between November and March to avail of cheaper deals and quiet resorts.



Find the cheapest times

Flight prices vary significantly depending on month, day and time. Simple things like opting to fly midweek, (i.e. from Tuesday to Tuesday) can work out considerably cheaper than weekend travel. Luckily, there’s some handy tools to help you identify the cheapest travel times. Skyscanner’s search tool uses a simply graph to highlight the most affordable days to fly. Smart booking app, Hopper not only tells you the cost of flights but also when to book to avail of the biggest savings. When searching for a flight, Hopper lets you know whether to buy or wait. When waiting is recommended, they’ll notify you when the price drops!



Fly indirect

When saving money is a priority and time isn’t an issue, why not consider an indirect travel route? Flight stop – overs are especially budget friendly for long haul flights, but savings can be made on shorter trips too. Let sites like Skyscanner or Travel Supermarket do the research for you to compare price variations between direct and indirect flights from various airports.



Avoid baggage fees

No one wants to face unnecessary baggage fees when they reach the airport check-in desk. Sidestep hefty charges by packing less and being smart. Pack heavier items in your carryon bag (depending on the airline, these often aren’t weighed). Take advantage of some clever, multi pocket travel wear that allows you to take extra belongings on your person. It’s worth using a travel weighing scale at home before you leave, so you can remove items or move excess belongings to another case if you’re travelling in a group.



Private accommodation

Over the last few years, many travellers have opted for private accommodation over hotels. Companies like AirBnB have transformed the hospitality industry, broadening the options for jet setters with thousands of apartments, spare rooms, and luxurious homes to choose from. If you’re looking for an authentic, budget friendly travel experience, Airbnb helps you find the perfect place to stay, either with a local or their home.



Enjoy the local cuisine

Unless you’re on an all-inclusive package, food and drink costs add up quickly when you’re on holiday. While you don’t want to feel like you’re scrimping, there’s simple ways to be economical when it comes to dining abroad. When breakfast isn’t included in your hotel deal, check out the nearby cafes where pastries, breads and coffee will come at a cheaper price. For dinner, try veering from the main hubs to find some authentic eateries. The views might not be the same, but you will find some tasty, easy on the pocket food and maybe even sample some local delicacies.



Get travel ‘appy’

In the era of tech savvy, gadget lovers, your smart phone can be the ultimate travel buddy, especially when it comes to saving money! Compare flight and accommodation costs, make quick translations and find near-by places, saving yourself some cash on travel guides, maps and travel phrasebooks. Check out some of the best travel apps in our recent blog.




You don’t have to break the bank to get your holiday fix. Using these economical tips, you can enjoy your travels while keeping your budget under control. Happy travelling!