What is the first item you pack for your holiday?

what is the first item you pack?

What is the first item you pack for your holiday?

OK holiday people – here is the question inquiring minds want to know: When you pull your suitcase out of the attic to get ready to go on your holidays – what is the first item you pack?

We are delighted to team up with Marks and Spencer’s in Foyleside for our next competition, as they are the shop that we all head to for just about everything under the sun – no pun intended.

We asked our Airporter team here the question and we would love to hear your answers too! Let us know: what the first item is that YOU put in your suitcase to be entered in our draw. Five winners will win prizes worth £50 each – a £30 gift certificate from Airporter and a £20 gift card from Marks and Spencer’s.


Would have to say my swimsuit, as that is the smallest item. It just sits in a wee corner of the case and then I stand to contemplate – where am I going to fit everything else?


I’m only going to Downing’s so rain coat and wellies. If I was going to Spain definitely really good flip flops and lots of shorts plus pair of sun glasses.


Snorkel and mask everything time😎


I wouldn’t go on hols without my fake tan😂😂


Mine is an oversized shirt which can be worn as a cover up or tucked into shorts for an evening look!!


Summer Hat and Swimwear for me!


All my foot wear.. I’ll never wear the same pair of shoes, trainers or sliders two days in a row other than at work!


Wouldn’t go anywhere without sudocreme to relieve the effects of walking in the heat, phone charger, emergency credit card and most important my sense of humour. 😃


Backpack is always the 1st thing I pack, handiest thing ever on holidays and you will always find a use for it.


Beach towels would be the 1st item in my suitcase.