Frequently Asked Questions – Tickets and Refunds

FAQ’s – Tickets and Refunds

Do I have to book Airporter?

The best advice is YES. Passengers travelling to and from the Airport want to know that there seat are guaranteed. We no longer accept cash on board, so please book online here.

Do I need to print my ticket?

It’s not necessary to have a printed copy of your ticket Whether you book by phone or online you will be issued with a CONFIRMATION number (or REFERENCE number, both mean the same thing) and this number is all you need as proof of booking and payment.

Can I pay cash to the driver?

As part of the changes to our procedures post Covid-19, we no longer accept cash. You can book online right up to the time that bus departs.

Are you travelling with children and infants?

All Airporter passengers must have their own seat, including infants and children. Please book the exact number of passengers that are travelling in your party, including infants and children.

If the correct number of passengers are not booked we cannot guarantee we will have additional capacity and the driver cannot carry any passengers that are not in a seat.

For the safety of your children we insist that all children use a car seat and it is your responsibility to provide an age appropriate seat. Airporter provides booster seats suitable for children not less than 3 years old.

Do you offer a discounted rate for students?

We do not have any specific student discount rates. However, passengers can avail of our frequent discounts offered online. These are advertised via our social media links and website.

Can I amend the date or time of my ticket after purchase?

Tickets can be amended up to 24 hours prior to the travel date/time. Please be advised that some changes may incur extra charges. You can do this by calling our Customer Service Helpline on

+44 (0)28 7126 9996

Derry~Londonderry to/from the Belfast Airports