Customer Car Parking

Foyleside Car Parking – Customer use

We are delighted to extend an exclusive discount to airporter customers to enjoy safe, secure car-parking at Foyleside 24 hours a day.

Outbound Journey
  1. Enter the East Car Park (facing the River Foyle) via the riverside embankment.
  2. Use the second entrance branded with Airporter, and approach the barrier which will lift on your approach. [If travelling out of carpark opening hours, the shutter to the second entrance will open as you approach, and close after you]. Take a car park ticket and retain to pay and exit on your return.
  3. Follow the Airporter branding down to parking Level 1/Street level, which will allow the easiest access to the coach park . If no car park spaces are available, continue upwards until a car park space can be found.
  4. Follow the Airporter signs on Level 1 to the exit onto Foyle Street and into the Coach Park. (If travelling out of carpark opening hours, exit through the two red  exit doors onto Foyle Street).
  5. Check-in with the Airporter driver and have a pleasant journey!
Return Journey
  1. If returning to Foyleside during car parking hours (click here for car-parking hours take your airporter reservation (on email or paper) and the car park ticket to the Foyleside West Kiosk (opposite the Coach park). Without a valid Airporter ticket, car parking will be charged at the normal overnight rate.
  2. When the parking kiosk is open, the Foyleside parking staff will both validate the ticket AND take payment. The tariff will be calculated and charged at £5 per 24-hour period.
  3. The customer returns to their car and exits as normal, inserting the ticket to lift the exit barrier.
  4. If returning out of trading hours, the Airporter driver will validate the ticket in the same way and will direct the customer to the pay station. Once the ticket has been entered at the exit barrier, the roller shutter which will automatically open and the customer can exit the car park. The shutter will close again when the car has exited.

In the event of a breakdown on the exit or entrance, or if you have any difficulty entering or exiting the car park, please use the 24/7 helpline number on the entry/entry points.

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