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Festive Gifts at Airporter

Our little Airporter office is probably the last place you would look for a Christmas gift. But, surprisingly enough, we have quite a few goodies for sale at our HQ. So, if you’re travelling with us this month or just passing by, pop in to have

best restaurants and bars Derry~Londonderry

A Very Derry Christmas

Local recommendations from the Airporter team   A city that has truly transformed over the past decade, our hometown has never looked better! But as the old saying goes “faraway hills are green”; do we really appreciate everything on offer on our own doorstep? As Christmas approaches

Christmas Travel Tips

Christmas Travel Tips

It can be hard to feel festive while travelling at Christmas, while dealing with a plane full of either a) stressed out families b) drunk homesick sons . To arrive at home feeling cheery, well organised and ready for the Christmas season, here are our

Welcome to the Airporter Team

Welcome to the Team

We are delighted to be joined by 6 new drivers this year, to help us deliver on our increased summer timetable. All our drivers receive a full weeks training, covering everything from our reservation system and how we use QR codes to record the drivers